Sibelle, aged 13
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I love school ! My parents are dead and I live with my grandmother. Without the scholarship I would not be able to go and might be married already.

Dot Bekker
President Kusasa
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After 20 years in Europe I'm driving home to Zimbabwe with a mission to educate girls. If we don't take immediate and urgent action in Africa to educate girls and young women the problems of this continent and women will double with the population in the next 32 years.

Why girl's education is important
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Research proves education of girls will
~ improve a country's socio-economic conditions
~ increase national GDP
~ reduce teenage pregnancies
~ reduce child marriages
~ reinvest in community

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The Hope of Africa

At Kusasa we believe that Africa's greatest resource is under-utilised. This resource improves the socio-economic conditions of a country and increases the overall GDP, generates more opportunity, increases the well-being of communities, reduces teenage pregnancies and child mortality.

This resource is the Women of Africa

The question then is, why are up to 65% of women in Africa living in poverty, why are there not more educational opportunities for girls and greater equality?

Kusasa has found that the greatest disadvantage presently is the inability of girls to advance their education past junior school. As such we are identifying promising girls and giving them opportunity to advance their education to High School, University and / or Vocational studies. By facilitating their advancement we hope to give them the opportunity for a better Tomorrow (Kusasa).

On our website we give you the opportunity to select a girl that you wish to support and contribute to part or all of her education. No more contributions to faceless organisations with huge overheads and very little of your money going to where it is needed most. We ensure that at least 80% of the funds go to the girls and the remainder supports the team on the ground who help us identify the girls and administer the situation (again helping at grass roots).

Girls in need of Scholarships

This is a selection of the girls currently
in need of scholarships.

2019 Scholarship Fund – Boarders

by Dot Bekker

Matabeleland, Zimbabwe

Meet 2 of the girls we have given the opportunity ...

Raised Percent :
Funding Goal
Days to go
Fund Raised

How you can help

Helping a girl achieve success couldn't be easier
there are several options below.

Full Scholarship

Sponsor a girl for her entire scholarship
- High School, University or Vocational.

Part Scholarship

If you can't afford a full scholarship a
part scholarship helps every bit as much


Make an even bigger contribution by getting
others involved too in a fundraiser for Kusuasa


Million Girls

are illiterate in Africa
Lack of education leads to lifetime poverty,
lower income opportunity, greater risk of child marriage
higher teenage pregnancies, and higher child mortality
to name a few disadvantages.

Our Partners

Companies and Organisations helping us achieve our aims
to support our project and be listed here please contact us at

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