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Kusasa is solely supported by private support, there are no government funds.  As a consequence we take our responsibility to ensure that scholarships are awarded responsibly.

As we don’t have unlimited funds we seek out high achieving girls from vulnerable or disadvantaged backgrounds.  These are the girls who are least likely to receive education and they are also the ones who are most likely to be dedicated to their studies.  We then do everything that is needed to ensure their success.

We are often asked where we find our students.  Firstly, due to the size of our fun, we can only take a small number of girls.  As such we have to be particular about the students we choose.  We have a wide network of school Heads, charities and individuals who send us their best students and from these, in line with our available funds we select students.

It is also, however, our responsibility to ensure that for students who are working hard we retain sufficient funds to see them through high school, as such this crrently limits our ability to help the huge number of girls who need precisely what we can offer.

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