We get asked a lot of similar questions so we want to help you out by answering as many of them as we can here.  However, if your question is not answered here, please send us an email to info@kusasa.africa or message us on our Facebook page.  To view the answer to a question just click on the question and the answer will open.

How do we identify girls?

We have local, regional partners who work with schools, churches and other support departments or organisations to identify girls who are most in need and have the potential to use their education to the benefit of their community and country.

What age are girls?

The girls we are selecting for High School Scholarships are generally between the ages of 12-13 years.  We hope to support some of these girls into university or vocational training when the time comes.

Does Kusasa operate in other African countries?

Currently Kusasa is working in Zimbabwe, but as we grow and depending on demand and the ability to find suitable partners we would love to expand and help more girls.

Where do the donations go?

All the donations that come to Kusasa are used for Kusasa.  Donations directly for girls are used for that specific girl or in case of misadventure we will select another deserving girl. Unspecified donations are allocated to deserving girls who may not have attracted funds.  We also support local partners who help us identify and support girls.

How can I help

There are a number of ways to help.  See our page How you can Help, which describes some of the ways to contribute in whole or part.

How can I make a donation?

To make a donation to a specific girl, simply click on her profile and make the relevant donation and you can pay via Credit Card, PayPal or bank transfer.   See The Girls page for a list of girls seeking scholarships.  You can also subscripe with a regular monthly contribution see the button on our How you can Help page which also has information about payment options.

Why do these girls need help?

Many of the girls chosen for the scholarships are from poor rural areas and are raised by family members who are mostly subsistence farmers.  Many of the children are orphans are so because of AIDS or have been abandoned by a surviving parent and they are being raised by poor and elderly grandparents.  

Is Kusasa a registered Non-Profit ?

Yes, Kusasa is a registered Non-profit organisation.  It was registered in Luxembourg as this is where the founder was living at the time of conception.  Under Luxembourg legislation it is called  l'association sans but lucratif (and abbreviated as Asbl).  The registration number is F11443.