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About Us


A brief introduction to Kusasa, what we do and who we are. 

Kusasa was founded to bridge a gap where girls are falling behind in education and to do this we decided that the best way we could help was at grass roots level.  We identify girls who are unable to afford to go from junior school to high school or even to further advance their education at University or in Vocational Training and provide them with scholarships.

Many people would like to help in a way that makes a real difference.  We are not a big organisation with huge overheads so your contribution goes where it is most needed, the girls.  We identify girls that can benefit from scholarships as they come from vulnerable or disadvantaged backgrounds and raise full or crowd-funded scholarships for them.  Our aim is to give Hope for a better tomorrow.

As our founder Dot Bekker was living in Luxembourg at the time of setting up this non-profit organisation and as such it is registered there.  One of our Board members remains resident to manage and administer the organisation the other two are located in South Africa and in Zimbabwe where we do our work.

See below for more information about our Board Members.

See our Blog for reasons why your support is so essential, read our How You Can Help page for the many ways in which you can contribute.