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How you can Help

How you can Help

Hope of Africa

Africa’s greatest resource is under-utilised.   There is a resource that research has proven, improves the socio-economic conditions of a country and increases the overall GDP, generates more opportunity, increases the well-being of communities, reduces teenage pregnancies and child mortality.

This resource is the Women of Africa!

Why is this incredible resource not fulfilling it’s potential.  With  65% of women in Africa living in poverty this is also the primary reason that they are not being educated and achieving their full potential and bringing the benefits that come with greater gender equality.

Kusasa has found that the greatest disadvantage presently is the inability of girls to advance their education past junior school.  The inability of so many girls to fail to get to high school also makes them the most vulnerable at this time.  It is at this age they are most vulnerable to the tradition of child marriage, prostitution, trafficking and at the very least a life of poverty.

Our niche is to identify high-achieving girls from vulnerable and disadvantaged backgrounds and giving them opportunity to advance their education to High School, University and / or Vocational studies. By facilitating their advancement we know that we are assured that they will not be lost to the future and they will make a contribution to their communities and the advancement of other girls.

You can sponsor a girl throughout her schooling as your protégée  or make a smaller contribution which combined with other funds and fund raising activities can still provide support for a girl.  No more contributions to faceless organisations with huge overheads and very little of your money going to where it is needed most, we ensure that you are aware of what the girls are doing and what we are doing for them.

We ensure that at least 80% of the funds go to the girls and the remainder supports the team on the ground who help us identify the girls and administer our campaigns and sponsors.

School the key to the future

How you can Help?

There are many ways that you can support our efforts to raise funds for girls.  These go from making the donation using one of our links below, making a one-time donation is always appreciated but making a regular monthly donation by direct debit or PayPal subscription helps us budget better.  Hosting fund-raising events, such as a walk, coffee morning, cake sale, % of product sales, selling unwanted items and donating the proceeds, literally there are many ways to raise funds and we appreciate all of them.   Share your fund-raiser with us and help inspire others!  We appreciate every effort to help us get more girls into education.

Educating Girls

What Happens to your Donations?

As we are a small non-profit, currently without a big sponsor to cover our working costs, we seek to deliver a minimum of 80% of funds raised to educate girls with the balance being spent on bank fees, website costs, event promotion, fund-raising costs, research and the occasional coffee to keep us going.  We do hope to find a sponsor to cover these expenses and help us ensure that 100% of your funds go to educate girls.   Transparency in our working is paramount and our passion is to ensure that we get as many girl’s into education as we possibly can.

Donate direct to Bank

ACCOUNT:   Kusasa Asbl BANK:  BCEE, Luxembourg IBAN:   LU37 0019 5155 2836 3000 BIC/SWIFT:  BCEELULL

Donate by PayPal

Donate by Credit Card

EcoCash (Zimbabwe)

Donations by Ecocash can be made to +263 (0)786 840 545

Research Proves …

Research proves that educating girls …

  • Reduces child marriage, prostitution, trafficking
  • Improves population control and reduces teenage pregnancies
  • Every year in higher education improves her earning potential by 20% and reduces her chances of living a life of poverty
  • Increases the health and well-being of communities and reduces child mortality
  • Improves the socio-economic conditions of a country and increases the GDP

There is not one shred of evidence that demonstrates that educating girls has any negative impact whatsoever, in fact, not educating girls with the highest priority is the most negative thing you can do in a country.

What is needed ?

To improve the lot of girl’s/women in Africa and to succeed we need several things:

  • Laws that protect girls and women from abuse  so that they may live their lives without fear.
  • Laws that make it compulsory to educate girls in Junior and High School.
  • Campaigns that demonstrate that the education of girls is highly beneficial to communities.
  • Increasing the visibility of successful women role models to inspire girls to see what opportunities lie before them.
  • Making certain that rural girls get to have better educational opportunities.

Alongside our work to raise scholarship funds we also seek to address as many of these as we can.