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How you can Help


Traditionally boys are given priority access to education because they are seen to have better earning potential.  This is certainly true in a gender unbalanced country.  However, without access to education girls stand no chance of forcing the change.

The only way to address this is to ensure that girls are given access to higher education and that means providing scholarships to give them the opportunity.

There are instances where we have to provide them with access to boarding as they are too far away from a good standard high school which will give them the opportunity to advance to their capabilities.   We place our targeted high achieving girls into school, pay for their tuition and in some instances pay for the boarding, as well as their uniforms, books, stationery and any other requirements they may have.  This is essential, especially for girls who are orphaned. 

Here’s how you can help, any contribution large or small helps us in covering the costs for a girl to attend high school.  Our aim is to ensure these girls achieve to the highest standard and as such we don’t like to treat them as charity cases but to be achievers.  Your support can help us create the leaders of tomorrow.

There are various ways you can support us:

  • Financial donations as a one off – this can be done by PayPal, Credit Card or Bank Transfer and in Zimbabwe by EcoCash.
  • Recurring subscription payments – these are regular payments of any amount. This can be facilitated by PayPal or direct debit to our bank account.  This kind of commitment for a period of time helps us plan and budget and is exceptionally helpful.
  • Hold events to raise funds, be it coffee mornings, drinks evenings, meals, bake sales, second hand goods sales (getting rid of all your junk to someone else’s benefit, sporting events, sponsored events, the only limit is your imagination. We appreciate anything you do to help our girls.  Funds raised can then be sent to us by one of the aforementioned options.
  • We accept donations of quality books to help our girls with their education, we do however need to find a sponsor to ship these to us if they are from overseas.
  • We partner with artists, crafters and businesses to sell their products on our website to the benefit of both the contributor and our fund. Contact us if you’d like to know more about this option from us.
  • We accept sponsorships for specific items that we need, contact us if you would be interested in supporting us with funds to cover the cost of books, uniforms, boarding costs, and so many other things we would love to hear from you too.

We welcome hearing from you and any other ideas you may have as well as any questions.


ACCOUNT: Kusasa Asbl

BANK: Banque et Caisse d’Épargne de l’État

IBAN: LU37 0019 5155 2836 3000


For payments within the EU avoid all bank transfer charges by choosing shared costs.


Secure PayPal Payments and Subscriptions

Pay via PayPal for this option if you wish to pay via credit card please choose the other option it incurs less charges for us.


Secure payments by Credit Card

Payments are securely processed by Stripe. As a non-profit we receive discounted charges.

ECOCASH (Zimbabwe)

Payment via the EcoCash system to our dedicated Kusasa number (in the name of our founder as per EcoNet requirements)

+263 (0)776 851 317

To receive a receipt or provide details please also send a message with your name and details required.

What Happens to your Donations?

As we are a small non-profit, currently without a big sponsor to cover our working costs, we seek to deliver a minimum of 80% of funds raised to educate girls with the balance being spent on bank fees, website costs, event promotion, fund-raising costs, research and the occasional coffee to keep us going.  We do hope to find a sponsor to cover these expenses and help us ensure that 100% of your funds go to educate girls.   Transparency in our working is paramount and our passion is to ensure that we get as many girl’s into education as we possibly can.