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Why Education Counts

Why Education Counts

Education makes all the difference, imagine yourself or your children with only a basic junior school education, where would you be today?  Where would you be living and what type of work would you be able to access?  Would your children have access to a solid education or would they merely be spiralling into the same future?

Access to at least high school education provides access to an entirely different world.  In fact, reasearch has proven that for every year a girl attends high school it gives her an 20% improvement in income earning potential.  This means that merely getting a girl through junior school does not give her the opportunity to determine a prosperous future.

Equally, there is no shortage of information to substantiate the fact that gender equality has the opportunity to provide the greatest return on investment in these times.  See the further blog on the benefits of gender equality.

While governments have heavy tomes of documents outlining the requirements for gender equality, it seems many have forgotten that education is the source.  Without, at a minimum, high school education the chance of earning the benefits of gender equality in any country are limited severely.

Girls deserve education, they deserve to receive respect, not be married at a young age, not to be the victim of gender based violence and the opportunity to be free and independent earners in their own right.  Choice is the greatest benefit for any educated girl.


To help us give more girls the opportunity to receive an education in Zimbabwe, where up to 67% of girls are not in high school.

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