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Zimbabwe Music – Never Cry, Always Smile

Zimbabwe Music – Never Cry, Always Smile


Welcome to our Musical fund raiser!  Our special thanks to the kind contribution of Hebron Muronzi who has not only composed the music, sung in many of the pieces but also played most of the instruments.  Hebron is truly gifted and we know you will enjoy his blend of truly Zimbabwean instruments and songs with a unique contemporary style.

All funds from the sale of the music go to Kusasa and helps the girls with their education.  What better way to enjoy music with a good cause.

Pieces are available individually or for the full digital album at a discounted price choose the relevant item.  If you want to listen to an excerpt of each piece please click on the image and you will see a preview item as well as a brief description of the piece.

Please NOTE:  Copyright for all music remains with Hebron Muronzi and may only be sold, used, replicated, copied, shared, used as backing music or other usage with his express permission.

Thank you for your support

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