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Why Choose Us ?

Kusasa is a small non-profit organisation that was formed with the aim of avoiding large overheads and ensuring that the money that is raised is directed to the purpose for which it was given.

When founder Dot Bekker started searching for an organisation that would meet the needs that her research showed was essential for the education of girls she struggled to find an organisation that had the values she upheld and wasn’t spending most of the valuable funds on large offices and expensive staff.

While certainly everyone deserves to be paid for their work, the scandalous costs that some digging revealed mean that all the effort of raising funds was primarily to pay rent, or purchase offices, or to pay hefty salaries and vehicle costs.

Dot Bekker says, “I couldn’t find an organisation that was really working on the ground in the area and focused on what I saw as a priority, getting girls into high school”. Her research shows that up to 50% of girls are not making it into high school, that’s a serious blow for girls, gender equality and the contribution that women have been shown to make in relation to the GDP.

“I decided that if I couldn’t find what I needed that I should create what I envisioned. While Kusasa is small, at least the funds are being used for the girls primarily and we are changing the world for the girls that we do support. We focus on educating high achieving young girls from vulnerable or disadvantaged backgrounds to give them the best opportunity for success.”

We currently focus our efforts in Zimbabwe, where our founder originates from as she has local knowledge and networks

Choosing Kusasa means that you can be assured that your funds are used for the purpose that you gave them.

Our values are Integrity : Transparency : Community.

Results of our research and trends will be published in our Blog.