Helping Hands


At Kusasa we like to encourage talent and entrepreneurship and so we collaborate with various people, organisations and groups, based in Zimbabwe. We help them sell their products through our website and they allow us to take a percentage of the sale to donate to our Girl’s Education Fund.

Please support our local trade, and our fund, by buying here. Tell your friends too and help us make a difference in the lives of real people here in Zimbabwe.

As an organisation established in Luxembourg our prices are in Euros, the difference between this and US$ is small, don’t let it put you off, contact us if you need to clarify anything.

For people buying in Zimbabwe it is possible to pay via EcoCash using the number +263 776 851 317 and receive a local discount, contact us for details – message via email to

Currently in our shop

The album Never Cry, Always Smile, music with mbira and marimba composed and played by Hebron Muronzi. Buy individual songs or the entire album, song exerpts are available on the Music shop page.

Coming soon – AfroCentric jewellery.