Vocational Scholarship

Girl's Educational Projects

As the high costs and enormous amount of time it would take to undertake the Women of Africa Documentary became evident and the lack of finding a sponsor, Dot decided to still optimise her journey by seeking out Girl’s Education projects and initiatives in the countries she was travelling through, this aligns with her girl’s higher education project in Zimbabwe, Kusasa. 

Dot believes that the knowledge and initiatives she discovers along the way will help share best practices and allow for cross country collaborations as well as giving us a greater understanding of the challenges that are faced and finding solutions for them.

While there are a few large organisations doing good work in Africa Dot believes that the grass roots initiatives are the ones that are making impacts and have the opportunity to inspire and demonstrate at a basic level what can be done to enhance the advancement of girl’s education.

This project has already started and videos of interviews and information will be shared as soon as we can get around to editing it.