Education is the key

Education is the key that opens the door to a better life for girls.  Without education they are assigned, at the very least, to a life of poverty and at worst to early marriage, abuse, prostitution, trafficking and a hopeless future.

Your Contribution Counts

Through donations and sponsorships we can start a virtuous cycle where educated girls can increase their earning potential by 20% for every year they attend high school.  Your contribution will change a life and enable them to improve the lives of many more.

Fundraising events

Encouraging a Community

Research has proven that the education of girls improves the socio-economic conditions of a country.  It is the one factor that can literally improve the lives of not only a girl but, in turn, she makes a greater contribution to her community.


may well be the highest return on investment ~ Lawrence Summers, World Bank 1994


Donate money, time, resources or help with a fundraiser it all counts and together we can create change.


The more people that know about our work the more people contribute so sharing is caring.


Partner with us or volunteer and help us help more girls.  We would love to hear from you.