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Event Terms & Conditions

Our events are primarily held as fundraisers for our scholarship fund or for some of the other educational programs we hold or they are held for information and to raise awareness.

  1.   Events are bookable online and we often ask for payment in advance to be able to make suitable arrangments with facility providers.
  2.  Payments can be made with credit card and payments are not processed on our website they are handed off to an online credit card company called Stripe.
    1. Neither Stripe nor Kusasa retain your credit card information unless specifically permitted to do so.
    2. Stripe will check your card to ensure that the payment was not made fraudulently.
    3. Stripe charges us an administration fee which we carry.
  3. When accepting cancellations we will refund the value paid within 48 hours and the refund will be processed via the same method by which you paid.
  4. Please check the date, time and location of the event carefully.
  5. Cancellations must be made at least 36 hours prior to the event.
    1. We are often required to confirm numbers with venues and required to pay based on the number of people attending. 
    2. Cancellations within 36 hours are not refundable
    3. Refunds are processed via the same method by which they were paid.
  6. All funds from events go towards the cost of holding the event and the balance will be used for the Kusasa fund.