Supporting girls in their education is our primary aim and we can't do it without you.  We are not supported by big organisations or governments and so we rely on contributions.  Below are some of the ways you can help and support us in our fundraising.

We welcome your fund-raising ideas and we would love to share the photos of your events to inspire others.


By making a donation either in full or in part you can support a girl in her education.  You can choose to choose a girl and contribute to her fund directly or you can donate to the fund to be used to support girls who are presently not being funded.


There are ways in which people fund-raising either alone or together can make a donation from contributions.  Some of the ways people raised funds by having sales parties, coffee mornings, cake sales, sponsored events and even a change box.  Any of these will still result in unlocking the future for a girl.


If you would like to make a regular contribution to spread payments you can do so through PayPal subscriptions and adding our email address to the subscription and choosing an amount and a repeat time.  This helps you help the girls and funds are allocated to the girls most in need.

Ways you can donate.


If you are transferring funds within the European Union you there are no charges provided you choose SHARED costs.

ACCOUNT NAME :  Kusasa Asbl

BANK:  BCEE, Luxembourg

IBAN:  LU37 0019 5155 2836 3000



Our email address for PayPal is

You can make transfers PayPal to PayPal with the above email address.


You can choose to subscribe via PayPal and choose the amount, frequency and duration of your donation.  Use the Button below.

We pay non-profit fees for donations via PayPal.

Donation options


All credit card payments are securely processed via Stripe.

To make Ad Hoc donations use PayPal and select credit card payment.  There is no need to open a PayPal account if you do not wish to.