Ursula van Eck

Ursula van Eck

Ursula van Eck, is a most competent treasurer having been the CFO of a South African Gold Mining company and Accounting partner responsible for mining for a premier Accounting firm. Her with vast knowledge of the African continent is an asset to the team.

Further she is an avid traveller having ventured far and wide and has climbed Mount Kilamanjaro. 

She has for many years mentored young women in High Schools and University. Being a university graduate herself she has personal insights and experience in what it takes to succeed.

In 2014 she participated in the Gazelle’s Rally driving the Morocco desert for 10 days without GPS. In 2019 she joined Dot Bekker for 2.5 weeks driving from Gabon to Cabinda in West Africa in an adventure of note.

Ursula was also born in Zimbabwe and is Dot Bekker’s niece, she currently lives in South Africa and fulfils the role of Treasurer.