2019 Scholarships

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We are still a small non-profit and all funds were raised through personal contacts and private fund-raisers and these were spent on the most suitable candidates for 2019.

It has always been our position that whatever number of girls we manage to put into high school we are at least changing the world for that girl.

Below are our selection for 2019.

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Subusisu M

Sibusisu is a very bright young girl coming from a single parent family with addiction problems and it was felt best to place her in Boarding School to give her a stable and focused place to achieve her education.

Liander M

Liander is a high achieving girl without a mother and a disabled father.  To give her the best opportunity at success we placed her in boarding school to ensure she received the best chances for success.

Mercy M

Mercy is an exceptionally bright young woman who was assisted by a member of our team to receive an excellent educational scholarship.  However, coming from a single parent home she would have been unable to meet the additional costs, uniforms, etc. and so we provided a top-up scholarship to ensure that she would attend on an equal footing to more privileged students.

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